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Boat Loan Calculator

Boat loan rates and terms can vary based on the type of finance you require. Before you apply, be sure the numbers work and are affordable. Use a boat loan calculator to figure out the real cost of a boat loan and whether it will fit within your budget.

Based on a loan of $20000
your repayment will be
Payment Frequency
Please enter a number from 5000 to 250000.

Note: The results of this calculator are indicative. It is for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of the information you have provided. No result from the use of this calculator should be considered a loan application or an offer of finance. The calculator does not take into account your personal circumstances. You should not rely on this calculator for the purpose of making a decision whether to apply for finance.

The features and benefits of our boat loan

Low interest rates

You can lock in loan savings for your boat right from the beginning, as you'll be able to compare lenders with some of the lowest rates on the market.

Flexible early repayments available

We can match you with lenders who offer customers the freedom to pay their loan off early at no extra cost to save a significant amount.

Borrow up to the value of your boat

You don't have to make a deposit if you don't want to. Access financing for up to 100% of the cost of your boat and pay for it at your own speed.

Drive away in just 48 hours

We can help you turn your application around in no time at all, with just 48 hours between a quick quote and having the funds released to your seller.

Take up to seven years to repay your loan

Shape your repayments to your personal needs by selecting your desired loan term, from a minimum of 12 months up to seven years available.

Available for private or business use

Whether you need a boat to ... there are options for you.

Have extras covered as part of your loan

Boat registration, stamp duty, insurance and extended warranties can all prove costly expenses, so you can have these added to your loan.

Various employment types accepted

You can earn a stable income from full-time, part-time, casual and self-employed work (or a combination) and be approved for financing.

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Financing a Quintex
in Australia

Quintex offers one of the widest range of boats of any manufacturer in Australia, from …

When it comes to financing a Quintex, the range of options is also extensive, from boat loans to dealer finance.

Whichever one you go with, the interest rate and fees you’re charged will play a major role in determining whether or not you’re getting a good Quintex finance deal.

In particular, even a small difference in boat loan interest rate will be very noticeable when you’re repaying the loan.

Eligibility for Boat finance

To qualify for a Quintex boat loan, you’ll need to:

Be at least 18 years of age

Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Have a regular source of income

Meet the lender's other credit criteria

Australia’s best boat finance. Get your rate today.

Commonly Asked Boat Loan Questions That Help!

In addition to above boat loan information, below are commonly asked questions for first time boat buyers or next boat purchasers looking for the best boat loan deals and other considerations of purchasing a boat.

Everything from operating costs, registration, insurance and other elements of purchasing and owning a boat that many may over look.

Can you get finance for any type of boat?

In most situations, no matter what sort of boat, jet ski, or marine vessel you want, you may get a loan. While some banks may not provide financing for all types of watercrafts, there are specialist lenders that do. Loans are available for both new, used and unique marine vessels and boats. If the age or condition of an older boat do not meet the requirements for a secured boat loan, there are unsecured personal loans available.

Can I get finance to purchase a boat from a private seller?

Yes, there are options for any type of boat purchase. Financing is available for boats on sale from private sellers. The type of boat loans available will vary based on the price and quality of the boat, your financial situation and credit rating.

What boat loans are available for those who are self-employed?

There are options for self-employed borrowers that want to finance a boat or other marine vessel. Self-employed loans require the same information as any loan application. The process just may require a bit more documentation around income and expenses an possibly proof of assets in order to get approved. Consider low doc or no doc loans, a boat finance broker can assist with all options.

Will the location of where my boat is stored or used affect my finance?

No. The interest rate and terms of the boat loan application are not determined by where you live or intend to use your watercraft. However, your insurer may have higher or lower costs based on area of usage and/or storage.

What is the cost of boat insurance and boat registration?

The cost of boat insurance is determined by the size and type of boat being insured, as well as the coverage you select. Many sources state an average of around 1.5% of the boat’s cost – however this is just a estimate. Accurate insurance quotes are dependant upon many factors that will be unique to each policy holder.

Registration varies from state to state or territory. Basically any marine vessel with a 5hp or more in Australian waters must be registered, including sailing vessels over 5.5 m.

How long can I finance a boat for?

The finance term for boat loans will vary from lender to lender but generally go up to 7 years. For larger boats that may be used for a place of residence, the terms may be similar to that of a home loan.

I have a ABN, can I qualify for a business boat loan or commercial boat finance?

Having a ABN does not automatically qualify you for or mean your eligible for a business boat loan. The watercraft being purchased must be used primarily for business purposes. You will also need to provide necessary proof of the usage of the boat or marine vessel in a commercial activity.

General eligibility for a business boat loan includes: An active ABN and business documentation such as latest BAS statements, business accounts, business tax return and other financial information depending on lender.

Alternatively, low doc or no doc business boat loans are also available for those wanting to skip the documentation process. Speaking with a marine loan broker and your accountant is the quick and convenient way to navigate through the best business boat finance.

Is the rate provided by the manufactures the best?

Although manufacturers might quote a low rate, there is generally a catch. As an example; The lower the rate = less to no negotiation power on the purchase price. Always start by negotiating the price before discussing how you will repay it. Also, remember to compare off of the comparison rate and not the advertised rate!

What is the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)?

This is an especially important search for those looking to purchase a second hand boat or marine vessel. The PPSR is a record of financial interests in cars, boats, and caravans kept against assets. Prior to purchasing a boat or watercraft, including trailers, check the PPSR to see whether any loans are currently outstanding on it. This will insure that you will be the sole owner of the vessel.

Do I need to have a boat inspection to get finance?

If you are taking out a secure loan with the boat or marine vessel as collateral, then most lenders will require a boat inspection prior. For purchasers using a unsecure personal loan or other none secured finance it may not be necessary.
However, it is highly recommended you hire an expert to inspect a used boat so that you are fully informed about its condition and avoid a lemon. The last thing you want is to find serious issues with your boat or craft whilst out on the water