Threespot Angelfish

Apolemichthys Trimaculatus
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Quick Facts

Scientific name Apolemichthys Trimaculatus
Other names Three-spot Angelfish, Flagfin Angelfish, Three Spot Angelfish
Size Up to 26 cm (10.2 in)
Weight Under a kilo (2.2lb)


Habitat & AU Distribution Lagoons and coral reefs along steep slopes
Depth Range
Threespot Angelfish Distribution Australia

Interesting Info

  • The Threespot Angelfish are a peaceful species mostly found in pairs or small schools. Young fish stay in the shallows under 25 m (82 ft) whilst adults can be found in up to 80 m (262 ft).
  • Threespot Angelfish do not exhibit dramatic sexual dimorphism (visual differences) between sexes. Males may be slightly larger than females.
  • These fish are omnivores and primarily feed on algae, sponges, tunicates and other small invertebrates.
  • Estimates of lifespan is 10 years.
  • They get their name from the spot on the forehead, above the eye, and a faded spot behind each gill.
  • The main predators of angelfish include sharks, larger predatory fish and marine mammals.
Species Interaction

Aquarium & Reef

The Threespot Angelfish also known as the Flagfin Angelfish is a popular reef species admired for its bright yellow colour and bluish/purplish mouth. Whilst they are a peaceful fish, they are also very timid and easily spooked.

The fish has a large range throughout the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, covering parts of East Africa, Samoa, parts of Southern Japan and down to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Perciformes

Family: Pomacanthidae

Genus: Apolemichthys

Species: Apolemichthys trimaculatus

Conservation Status

Based on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Threespot Angelfish is currently categorised as “Least Concern”(LC).

LC is the lowest category on the scale for risk with “Extinct”(EX) being the highest.

Fish Taste Quality

Threespot Angelfish are a edible fish but are not a targeted species for consumption.

Taste Rating: 0/5

How to catch
Threespot Angelfish

Catch Difficulty: Easy

Bait: Prawns, Sponge, Weed

Popularity: Not targeted

Threespot Angelfish
As Aquarium Fish

Care Level: Difficult

Temperament: Peaceful

Diet: Omnivore

Reef Compatible: No

Minimum Tank Size: 120 gallons

Recreational Viewing
- Snorkeling & Scuba

Finding: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Danger: None