Finding Nemo – The Great Barrier Reef

Nemo is famous. Thanks to the world of animated movies, this brave little fish has been beamed into homes globally, and few people would fail to recognise his distinctive orange body and white stripes.

However, did you know that Clownfish are just one of several Anemonefish you may see on a visit to Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef? 12 species of Anemonefish inhabit Australian waters. All can easily be seen snorkelling or diving. On Cairns’ Great Barrier Reef you can find Nemo and his friends.

All Anemonefish share one common trait, they live in sea anemones. Sea anemones require sunlight for photosynthesis and for this reason, they are generally found in clear, shallow waters. These soft bodied organisms have stinging cells in their tentacles, similar to the tentacles of a Jellyfish, which the Anemonefish protect themselves from with a mucus body covering.

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