Marine Life

An introduction to game fishing

Game fishing is a popular recreational activity in Australia. Known for its vast coastline and abundant marine life, Australia offers some of the best game fishing opportunities in the world. If you're interested in game fishing but don't know where... Read More

How to catch squid

Catching squid is a popular pastime in many coastal communities around the world. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, catching squid can be a rewarding experience. In this blog post, we'll cover some tips and techniques for catching... Read More

Finding Nemo – The Great Barrier Reef

Nemo is famous. Thanks to the world of animated movies, this brave little fish has been beamed into homes globally, and few people would fail to recognise his distinctive orange body and white stripes. However, did you know that Clownfish…

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Native Australian freshwater turtle species

Australia is home to 24 species of freshwater turtle. All but one of these species belong to the family Chelidae, a family we share with New Guinea and neighbouring islands, and South America. These turtles turn their heads sideways when…

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What to look for when exploring island sand flats

During late afternoon, low tides on Islands reveal 100 metres of exposed shoreline scattered with marine life unique to the tropical region. To help you identify different underwater species while on your island explorations, our expert activities team have revealed…

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Marlin Fishing: The Complete Guide

One of the most thrilling challenges that face any angler is Marlin fishing. Marlins are strong, agile, fast, and they can be enormous. The only fish faster than sailfish is Striped Marlin, which is able to reach up to 50…

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