Marlin Fishing: The Complete Guide

One of the most thrilling challenges that face any angler is Marlin fishing. Marlins are strong, agile, fast, and they can be enormous. The only fish faster than sailfish is Striped Marlin, which is able to reach up to 50 miles an hour. Black and Blue Marlins also outswim nearly all other fish.

As you may assume the appropriate rods, lures, and fishing accessories are paramount when fishing for marlin. But, when you manage to hook one, all types of Marlin dance like ballerinas in and above the water – although comparing them to a bullfighter might be more accurate. They fly, jump, and thrash on the end of your line, giving you the fight of a lifetime – despite their huge size. It’s no surprise, then, that Marlin fishing has become nothing short of legendary for anglers the world over….

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