Southern Conger Eel

Conger Verreauxi
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Quick Facts

Scientific name Conger Verreauxi
Other names Common Conger Eel, Conger Eel, Short Finned Conger Eel
Size Up to 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Weight Up to 20 kg (44 lb)


Habitat & AU Distribution Coastal waters, rocky areas & reefs, crevices, caves, holes & under ledges
Depth Range
Southern Conger Distribution

Interesting Info

  • The Southern Conger Eel is mostly a solitary fish, found in shallow temperate coastal waters on the east, south east & south coasts of Australia.
  • They are a nocturnal hunter, that hides amongst reefs and rocky areas in caves, holes and crevices during the day becoming active at night.
  • Conger Eels are carnivores, feeding on smaller fish, squid & crustaceans at night. They have been known to visit cray pots for quick easy meals.
  • Estimated lifespan is around 20 years. Although little is known about their life cycle.
  • The main predators of Southern Conger Eel include sharks and larger predatory fish.
Species Interaction

Recreational Fishing

Southern Conger are generally a bycatch when targeting other species of fish. However some anglers do target them as they are considered a good fish to smoke.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Anguilliformes

Family: Congridae

Genus: Conger

Species: Conger verreauxi

Conservation Status

Based on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Southern Conger are currently categorised as “Least Concern”(LC).

LC is the lowest category on the scale for risk with “Extinct”(EX) being the highest.

Fish Taste Quality

Southern Conger Eel are a good table fish. Often smoked but also cooked as steaks or fillets.

Taste Rating: 3/5

How to catch
Southern Conger Eel

Catch Difficulty: Intermediate

Tackle: Patternoster Rig, Running Sinker Rig

Bait: Anchovy, Fresh cut flesh baits, Herring, Pilchards, Prawns, Squid

Technique: Keep bait close to the reef/structure

Popularity: Popular