Australian Fishing

Purple Wrasse - Marinewise

Purple Wrasse

Interesting Info The Purple Wrasse is a small fish species that can be found along the southern coast of Australia, primarily in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania They have a deep, laterally compressed body shape, with a pointed head and…

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Fiveband Wrasse - Marinewise

Fiveband Wrasse

Interesting Info The Fiveband Wrasse is a species of marine fish that is found along the northern coast of Australia, including Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. They have a distinctive appearance that makes them easily recognisable. The fish…

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Yellowfin Whiting - Marinewise

Yellowfin Whiting

Interesting Info Yellowfin Whiting are primarily found along the southern coasts of Western Australia and South Australia, with some populations extending into neighbouring regions. The Yellowfin Whiting has a slender, elongated body with a slightly arched back. It is generally…

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Stout Whiting - Marinewise

Stout Whiting

Interesting Info The Stout Whiting is endemic to Australia has a wide distribution, covering various coastal regions of the country. It can be found from southwestern Western Australia, along the Northern Territory, Queensland and south through New South Wales and…

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Trumpeter Whiting - Marinewise

Trumpeter Whiting

Interesting Info Trumpeter Whiting have a distribution which spans across many Australian states, including Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. They are commonly encountered in estuarine systems and coastal areas within these regions. They…

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Bay Whiting - Marinewise

Bay Whiting

Interesting Info The Bay Whiting is a species of fish predominantly found in coastal waters of Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and northern New South Wales in Australia. Bay Whiting have a slender, elongated body shape with a slightly compressed…

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Eastern School Whiting - Marinewise

Eastern School Whiting

Interesting Info The Eastern School Whiting is found along the eastern and southern coasts of Australia, ranging from southern Queensland down to Tasmania and across to South Australia. They are particularly abundant in areas such as Moreton Bay, Sydney Harbour,…

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Sand Whiting - Marinewise

Sand Whiting

Interesting Info Sand Whiting are widely distributed along the eastern and southern coastlines of Australia. They can be found from Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria, and down to Tasmania. There have also been recording in South Australia. Sand…

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Western Trumpeter Whiting - Marinewise

Western Trumpeter Whiting

Interesting Info Western Trumpeter Whiting is primarily found in the coastal waters of Western Australia, ranging from the Shark Bay region in the north to the South-West region, including Perth and Albany. They are also found in the Northern Territory…

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Southern School Whiting - Marinewise

Southern School Whiting

Interesting Info The Southern School Whiting is a coastal marine fish species primarily found along the coasts of Western Australia and South Australia. Juvenile Southern School Whiting have a silver body with distinct dark bands running vertically along their sides….

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King George Whiting - Marinewise

King George Whiting

Interesting Info King George Whiting can be found along the southern coastline from Shark Bay in Western Australia, around the southern coast of South Australia, Victoria, and up pass Jervis Bay in New South Wales. These fish have a slender…

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Red Bass - Marinewise

Red Bass

Interesting Info The Red Bass is a species of fish found in the waters surrounding northern parts of Australia. Primarily in Western Australia & Queensland. It is a deep-bodied fish with a broad, sloping head and a distinctive red coloration….

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Green Jobfish - Marinewise

Green Jobfish

Interesting Info The Green Jobfish is a species of fish found in tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, including the northern coast of Australia. This includes Western Australia to northern New South Wales. They have a distinctive appearance…

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Mulloway - Marinewise


Interesting Info Mulloway, also known as Jewfish, are a prized and highly sought-after fish species in Australia, found along the southern coastline from Western Australia to New South Wales and parts of southern Queensland. They have an elongated, silver-grey body…

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Lake Eyre Hardyhead - Marinewise

Lake Eyre Hardyhead

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Giant Glassfish - Marinewise

Giant Glassfish

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Giant Sea Catfish - Marinewise

Giant Sea Catfish

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Silver Cobbler - Marinewise

Silver Cobbler

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Freshwater Catfish - Marinewise

Freshwater Catfish

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Freshwater Cobbler - Marinewise

Freshwater Cobbler

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Whitelip Catfish - Marinewise

Whitelip Catfish

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Hyrtl's Catfish - Marinewise

Hyrtl’s Catfish

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Sand Bass - Marinewise

Sand Bass

Interesting Info The Black Sand Bass is closely related to the Barramundi living in tropical coastal waters to depths of 12 m (39 ft) They are a nocturnal predator that feeds on various crustaceans and smaller fish. Whilst they appear…

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Western Australian Salmon - Marinewise

Western Australian Salmon

Interesting Info Western Australian Salmon are found along the coastal waters of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania. They can be found along the entire coastline from Shark Bay in Western Australia to as far east as Tasmania. They…

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